Michelle Sheppard

Michelle Sheppard is a transwoman born in America but proudly calls Australia home. Michelle was the former co-host & co-producer of ‘Transpositions’, which was JOY 94.9’s flagship Trans weekly radio program. She has also appeared on various radio programs over the last three years before becoming the host & co-producer of JOY’s ‘Family Matters’ show, which is dedicated to rainbow families.

Michelle’s work has focused on raising the profile and dialogue of Transgender, Gender Diverse and Intersex issues in Australia. She has shared her story and educated listeners/viewers on issues that affect the trans and wider LGBTI+ community. She has been a passionate volunteer, community advocate and role model for the transgender and gender diverse communities for over 3 years.

She is the co-founder of ‘LGBTI Jobs’, which is Australia’s only national LGBTI+ job search site. Her work connects job seekers with employees who are actively engaged in LGBTI+ inclusion initiatives.

The powerful combination of self and community she shows through the platform of radio and television has raised the public profile and national dialogue of transgender, gender diverse and intersex issues on a national scale. Sheppard is a sought-after public speaker, guest blogger and uses her public profile to host seminars on LGBTI employment to raise employer awareness in the banking, energy, retail, education and health care industries.

She hopes her role as a radio personality will inspire others to pursue their own dreams.