Disconnecting in a World of Connection by Anna Millers

16th August 2017

About two months ago I had a random, vague thought. It came to me as I was standing in my kitchen, chopping onions with the slight hint of tears welling in my eyes. I decided to take a chopping break so I went to see what my family was up to. First I moved to […]

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The Cost of Flexism

2nd August 2017

We’ve all heard of sexism and racism but there’s one –ism that’s not talked about much (mostly because I just made it up): Flexism. That’s discrimination against people either working or wanting to work flexibly. Full disclosure, I didn’t actually make up the term Flexism… Well, I thought I did, but Google tells me otherwise. Regardless, […]

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Are you a spontaneous leader?

18th July 2017

Spontaneous leadership describes that human quality of being able to respond in the moment in an unplanned manner. Spontaneous leadership arises in environments where everyone is acknowledged for his/her capacity to contribute, and encouraged to take personal responsibility to express their wisdom, creating a ‘leaderful’ organisation or society. Why unplanned? This acknowledges the intuitive insights […]

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What does parenting have to do with women’s leadership development?

13th June 2017

The gender statistics in Australian corporations are poor and in the engineering sector, they are appalling. The Victorian government has gone so far as to require all of the water businesses to provide a plan on how they plan to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions. Clearly there is conscious and unconscious […]

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Don’t say mum…

31st May 2017

The idea of ceasing employment when I had my daughter ten years ago didn’t enter my mind.

I love working. I like to use my brain, learn new things, engage meaningfully with others, use the skills I’ve been gifted and benefit from the financial independence.

Not long ago, I worked for a global organisation and for many years, was fortunate to have a brilliant leader who understood the juggling of motherhood and work. I had a decent amount of balance.

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Age Old Prejudice

30th May 2017

There are some things about yourself that you are just too ashamed to admit. Like the time I stole a red lipstick from a department store when I was 15 – it still bothers me; the choice of colour was terrible! I jest, but the actual act of stealing still plays on my mind: why did I do it?

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